With Mars in Cancer, most of us will respond susceptible to our tensions which can be delicately provoked by outer influences and our hearts inviting more than we seem to be ready to face and metabolize into our life. Emotional fragility is wounded by pure aggression, and now we can easily see people’s weaknesses in all their purity, lack of awareness, plus the contact with the feral, instinctive yearning for survival pulling us backward but keeping us alive. This position is the distraction of feeling, the place where “feelings have the most use of us” and even leads just how if this goes against our will. cancer zodiac sign


In an international world of less shared kindness, love, and belonging than each of us needs, in all justice, we must ask ourselves why are we trying to dismiss the sentiments and signals they send our way as we move towards the target? Have we skipped one step or two, forgotten the importance of our state that is psychological? Do we consider our hearts irrelevant? Considering the truth that Jupiter exalts in the sign of Cancer, what could be the message that is genuine of (our instinctive action and sexuality) if it dismisses the flow of emotion while the fundamental moral imperative of our Soul? There’s a good reason why all truth is found in this sign; all of us seek as it’s the place where our heart is rested, safe, and close to serenity. All meaning, knowledge, and honesty seemingly occurred amid our heart, on the 15th level of Cancer, where we have been in pure forgiveness and love with all our ancestors, ready to give function and beauty to each new thing that comes into our lives.

Mars represents our initiative, strength, and sexuality. So it isn’t exactly clear why his eminence would feel bad in an accepted destination where all knowledge is located, plus our Soul’s calling. From this point of view, it becomes obvious that the only real problem with Mars found in the sign of Cancer is wrongly set values that restrict aggressiveness, discourage us, and put our energy to sleep, inescapably leading to an outbreak of authenticity and personal freedom sometimes in the most way that is unsuitable. It is why Mars sometimes needs to make us weep, tear our heart and cut us to bleed, so we can restore and make room for the set that is right to settle in.


It is widely known that such a posture of Mars shows patriotism and sensitivity that is extreme in all matters of home and homeland. In this passionately, emotionally protective state, we might think that individuals are helping, feel nobody else cares, but still pursue righteous truth that isn’t ours to define. With the most valuable motives at heart, we’re able to break limits that are way too many obstacles for others and protect them from items that aren’t ours to handle. It is burdening us with extra obligation while depriving them of the dignity of those watching; that is, we’re as they’ve been perfectly able to live extraordinary life and destiny, suitably capable of solving their problems without assistance.

One of the many most essential things to keep in mind is that the only individuals we are supposed to protect in this lifetime are our children, this including our inner child. Our duty towards partners, friends, and others as our equals mirrors only within our deeds even as we aren’t to hurt and bruise towards them and the way we treat our bond. Initiative coming from emotional conditioning shows as being a want to aim our energy and chase away issues of the that are older, wiser, those that should be more capable and willing to deal making use of their problems, and this takes away the core that is real of we should use to live our very own life and build the future for people, and our kids.

Preserve energy and use it if you have a hard time manifesting visions that inspired you to start with yourself first. Remind yourself if it requires to; until such time, you can decipher its calling that you’ll need to protect your heart while letting it scream, bleed, and cry away. It is the right time to act on the desires of your inner child rather than restricting it just as your ancestors did. Make this change and create a step that your Soul wishes to make, so lack of control will no longer present a problem but be your most excellent adventure. If this is the time to allow yourself to imagine how much could be done away from purest moral imperatives to enable them to get out and transform into something that feeds your structured and creative Self if you would allow anger, sorrow, resentment, and hatred to be accepted, embraced.


The urge to place down firm roots, develop a protected home, and build a close-knit family is powerful whenever Mars falls in Cancer. These folks have a powerful nurturing, which means they often end up in some ‘parent/protector’ part. Mars in Cancer people gain access to large sums of power and inspiration whenever they find themselves accountable for others’ well-being, such as guardians of young ones or when being employed as social or medical care experts.

On the other hand, their willpower and adrenaline are instantly diminished when they’re emotionally upset or irritable. For this explanation, Mars in Cancer kinds may instinctively make an effort to suppress their negative feelings, with harmful consequences for their physical or well-being that is psychological.

There’s a strong, albeit sometimes subconscious, drive to procreate, often leading to early parenthood and large families. But, because their requirements are inseparably connected to their libido, Mars in Cancer people tend to be turned off by no-strings-attached to sex.


Best homemakers; loyal to family; best parents, helping the weak and poor people.


Emotionally manipulative; chronically moody and irritable; unstable power drive; battle with their relatives; prone to psychosomatic illnesses.


Individuals with Mars in Cancer are sexually interested in people that have Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Capricorn.

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